No Resolutions, Just Hard Work

2017 was a great second year in business as a full-time studio artist. 

As I gear up for another year, I don't have personal or professional resolutions. Instead, I've always valued striving for better work, more efficient and innovative techniques, and a greater understanding of the meaning of my handmade ceramic work. 

So, 2018 and each year hereafter will have the same goal in mind. Keep striving. Keep learning. Keep making and sharing awesome flasks, mugs, ceramic decals, and whatever else I might dream up in the near future. 

I'm grateful for the support I receive from my family and from you all that makes it possible. 

From blistery, -17 degree Iowa with a frothy Free State oatmeal stout in hand, cheers to the new year! 

Mitchell Spain Ceramics Cheers Handmade Mug