Your connection to the good old days.

 Remember those stories your grandpa used to tell, or the can collection your dad has in his garage? It's like that, only better. 



  • Porcelain slip-cast form

  • Unique threaded cap

  • Digitally designed, full-color decal

  • Hand applied, specially formulated "rust" glaze

  • Fully functional, including silicone seal






Just do it.

“Fantastic, fantastic work, Mitchell. I really cannot further expand upon how great this work is. Ugh. If you're considering one of his pieces, just do it. Pull the trigger. Now."

— A.E

Never know it's all clay!

“Amazing artwork - never know it's all clay.”

— J.S.

Even better in person.

“Great craftsmanship! Everyone I show it to can't believe it's porcelain! I love it!"

— D.R.